Midwest Laboratories Inc | Reference Method ASTM D 5453

Description of Program

Midwest Laboratories uses ASTM D 5453 – Sulfur analysis as the reference method for Sulfur TIER III Analysis and have carried out the required quality validation.

Supporting clients is our biggest focus, and through this process, we have tried to deliver a high-quality program that follows the required analytical methods and regulations regarding shipment of the samples. As a result, Midwest Laboratories has worked with the proper regulating bodies and renewable energy organizations to offer customers the ability to ship samples in compliance with regulations.

The Midwest Laboratories Program offers clients the following:

  • Analysis with reference method ASTM D 5453
  • Sample shipping kit that meets regulations for shipping samples using limited quantity, (no additional hazmat paperwork)
  • Instructions for sending NEAT ethanol – Must be 2% denatured

For more information, please contact a representative at Midwest Laboratories. 402-334-7770