February Lawn Soil TestWith the above normal temperatures in the Midwest, I am seeing more and more request for the $25 Lawn and Garden Test. It is an ideal time to start planning for the spring lawn and garden. Also, a simple Google search on the topics of “lawn” and “garden” will yield you many different planning documents this time of year. In the Southern United States, some areas are starting to plant on a small scale or at least purchase seed.

Soil samples received in 2017 for analysis are up, mostly due to the above normal temperatures in February. The warmer weather is allowing growers and home garden enthusiasts extra time to understand the status of their soil nutrients.

The Lawn and Garden Test is a thorough test which allows customers the benefit of understanding the makeup of their soil and the accompanying report provides valuable recommendations with respect to garden produce and suggested nutrients to enable a better, thicker lawn.

If you want more information, consider calling in and ordering a lawn and garden kit over the phone. The kit includes a soil bag, box and return shipping label for sending the soil sample to Midwest Laboratories. If you live in the Omaha Metro Community, consider dropping off a soil sample in a zip lock bag.

This time of year is a good time to plan accordingly with respect to getting the most out of your soil nutrients for your lawn or garden.