We recognize that global fuel and ethanol demand is growing.

Linked is an informative article to the U.S. Energy Information Administration – EIA Beta site – Total Petroleum and Other Liquids Production chart from 2017. The chart covers the global production and consumption of fuels and biofuels.

The Top Three

The top three countries for fuel production are as follows: Ranking #1 is the United States with 15,599,000 barrels per day. Saudi Arabia with 12,090,000 and Russia with 11,200,000. Statistics provided by (EIA Beta site). You will notice a significant drop off on usage as Canada is fourth with 4,984,000 barrels per day. If you take a moment to play with the filters, you will notice the United States, since 2010 has increased their production volume by over 5,600,000 barrels per day.

Toggle the data points for consumption, and you will see an interesting leveling off of the United States consumption of Petroleum. In 2010 the US consumed 19,180 barrels per day. Flash forward to 2015 and the US is consuming 19,531 Barrels (EIA Beta site).

It’s fascinating to note: Many of the top ten countries for consumption have raised at a much higher rate than the US.

Midwest Labs

We have recognized the shift in fuels and biofuels and are here to support the growth of the US’s industry.

Alternative fuel testing is something we have been at the forefront for years. Our leadership in the industry means we can provide you with analysis of ethanol, co-products, and denaturant testing. All of this under one roof.

Our Analytical Services include 

Ethanol D4806 | Ethanol Canada | Ethanol European | Ethanol-85 | Denaturant Testing | DDG | Corn | Syrup | Oil | Methane | MASH | Antibiotics | Mycotoxins

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For a comprehensive listing of the analysis options provided by Midwest Labs to the Fuel industry. https://staging.midwestlabs.flywheelsites.com/resource/fuel-fee-schedule/ It includes tests, methods, prices, descriptions, warnings, recommendations, suggestions, instructions, and reporting options

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Source: EIA Beta, https://www.eia.gov/beta/international/rankings/#?cy=2017.  Pulled 06.18