Life Lessons

Secrets of Success from a Pumpkin Grower  – Check out these lessons from a grower. I found this post on Message Board.

These lessons could apply to all types of work. I have included the lessons in ” ” and summarized the thoughts to apply across all types of professions.

“never say quit” – Don’t give up on your dream

“don’t be afraid to ask” – When your competition is experienced, learn all you can to compete on a more even basis

“no need to reinvent the wheel”– Sometimes the simple, obvious process is the best. Don’t complicate your processes.

“everything in moderation” – Watch it that you do not go to extremes. Follow directions and stay within the boundaries.

“invest in yourself” – Make sure you are taking care of your own needs and controlling the process where you can.

“experience cannot be learned” – Learning is one facet of the experience. You have to do the work to gain full experience.