Salmonella Recall

Salmonella contamination announcements continue to rise as Producers are finding traces of salmonella from a HVP – Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein that was used in many products and was manufactured at a Nevada Food Flavoring Plant.

Recalled Products continues to grow

As many as 10,000 products, could be recalled over the next few weeks  according to a Business Week Article.

Trusting Suppliers

This really is about trust.  Companies rely on suppliers to maintain high quality standards with respect to the products they supply to other companies.

Salmonella Answers

The key now is to diagnose food product lots that may have been affected by the contaminated HVP and make companies and people aware.

Salmonella Questions

Midwest Laboratories would welcome the opportunity to answer questions you might have regarding this latest salmonella recall. If you have questions, please feel free to contact a representative at Midwest Laboratories. We work with salmonella testing for a number of companies and want to keep people informed  of facts surrounding salmonella. Feel free to call us at 800-777-0486.