Monsanto created a super-killer herbicide called Roundup.  From that, came Roundup Ready crops thata were genetically modified to tolerate the chemical. However, so much Roundup has been sprayed that weeds have now evolved to survive it.


No-Till Farming practices also came about as a result and helped promote a more environmentally safe practice of keeping nutrients and moisture in the soils.


Now, farmers are having to deal with many glyphosate-resistant weed species like pigweed, ragweed and horseweed.  Many Weed Scientists are concerned that the new genetically engineered crops may be making farmers more dependent on pesticides.  The following map indicates where weedkiller will not work.


How are you dealing with this issue? In your part of the country are you concerned about this developing issue? What steps should be taken? It would be interesting to see what other growers think about this topic. Please share your comments.

Source:  Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds | May 3, 2010