Now that you have read this title your first response is huh!!!

Well here is my point.  Have any of you ever received from the dentist those “color tablets” you put in your mouth that show you where you have not brushed real well and where you might possibly have a cavity. The coloring from the tablet sticks to your teeth and can give you an idea of some potential issues.  It’s a good indicator.

However, the best indicator is for a  patient to schedule an appointment with a dentist or dental assistant and for him or her to perform an analysis. The technology has really changed over the years and it really is quite a science now.

Soil testing is the same way. I always receive questions from my friends asking me if the soil testing kits they can buy in stores are accurate. I always tell them that they are a good indicator, but if they want a thorough analysis, they need to take the time and send in a sample. Just like the dentist, the technology has really changed too.

Here is my invitation to you! Check out our technology. Come in and see the technology that Midwest Laboratories uses to analyze soil samples. A first-hand look may give you a new appreciation for the technology that is used in each analysis.

Kits are good indicators, but should purchase decisions be made on indicators or facts. Would you have a dentist fill your cavity based on the results of taking a “colored” pill?

The last thing I want to say is I hope you do not think of soil testing like a visit to the dentist, but in both cases we are talking about making sure someone or something is healthy.

Brent Pohlman