I saw this blog post 15 Things I learned about California Agriculture and thought, WOW!  I have so much to learn.

Check out this list of items that were posted based on a tour of several farms.  Read the list below and check out the complete article too. I know some items are opinion, but there are some interesting facts presented.

  • Fresh California Cura oranges are a slice of heaven.
  • Oranges can stay on the tree for months without going bad.
  • Dried on vine or DOV raisins have no additives or coatings. (Sun-Maid)
  • Goats getting milked 2 times per day only produce 3-4 gallons of milk per day.
  • Goat milk is very similar to breast milk.
  • While it has lactose, goat milk has a different form of lactose which is typically ok for people that normally can’t have milk. (see your doctor first )
  • Different goats have a different milk makeup. Saanens have high milk volume, Nubian has high butter fat.
  • One acre of California olives produces 30-42 gallons of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Olives for extra virgin olive oil must be processed within 24 hours of picking.
  • Only 1% of the olive oil consumed in the United States is grown in California. (and it is fantastic)
  • Canopy control for almonds is important. More light, more almonds.
  • The way you canopy grapes is very different for raisin grapes, table grapes and wine grapes. (Not totally sure why, can anyone tell me?)
  • It takes at least 2 ½ bee hives per acre of almonds for pollination.
  • There are 120 almond trees per acre. (at least on Double E Farms)
  • It takes 5-7 years after planting a walnut tree to get a crop.

Great Article! – Do check out the original post!