Greenhouse Gases

Green House Gasses

It is a topic that has been thrown around during the Obama Administration.

In addition,  the agriculuture community has been told that monitoring is coming to look and study this topic.

Today’s Announcement

Today, AWS Convergence Technologies , (New Name -Earth Networks) of Maryland plan to announce that it will be making a $25 million  investment over the next five years to deploy a network of 100 greenhouse gas sensors at various sites around the planet. AWS is the same company that operates one of the largest weather applications, Weather Bug.

For me, this is a big announcment. Finally, we will be able to measure and report green house gasses in a consistent matter. Today, mesurements have relied on self-reporting by companies and governments using predictive modeling, rather than direct collection of emissions data.  (Source: New York Times 1/12/11 )re

Full Article

More information can be found in today’s New York Times Article |  “Weather Monitoring Company Turns to Greenhouse Gases” by Tom Zeller