Missouri AgricultureMissouri adds a new website for agriculture!!!

(It will be the trendsetter for other states)


Take a look at this site. It took me at least two minutes to check out all of the menus.

I really liked the following Menu Items


Here you can view produce specific to Missouri like nuts, eggs, grains and herbs.


Here you can see a list of products  like arts and crafts to food items: pet food, sauces, jellies and beverages.


List of activities occurring in Missouri


Interactive Map which shows where different places and events are taking place.  Very Cool!!

This site is very well done and should be used as a model for other states who are trying to promote their own agriculture economy.

Well done,  I will be back to check it out, especially when we have travel plans to Missouri.

~Brent Pohlman|Marketing Director –  Midwest Laboratories