Green ProjectsI have often wondered about what it would take to go green or at least do my part to change some of my habits to create a cleaner  environment.

Some the ways I have changed

  • Switched to energy-efficient bulbs, (although the new bulbs are full of mercury) not sure this counts
  • Planted a garden to grow fresh produce in the backyard
  • Tried composting kit, (did not get too far – user error)
  • Recycle Bin – recycling paper,glass and cardboard and reducing what I throw away.

This is a fairly small-scale approach and I have often wondered what others have done with respect to living green.  I came across this article in the LA Times ” After two years of eco-living what works and what does not work.  The article looks at several areas that Susan Carpenter tried and the results of her study are listed below.

The that worked well!

  • Gray water – Water generated from faucets, showers and laundry machines. I thought the Laundry Machine process was interesting.
  • Solar power -Using sunlight to produce electricity
  • Rain barrels- Recycling rain water to use to water plants
  • Earth works -Landscaping to control water runoff

The items that did not work or need a hard second look.

  • Waterwall -A wall that catches storm water. Very Pricy!
  • Edible Landscaping -This type of project takes a lot of tender loving care and can be costly.
  • Composting Toilet -This project is just disgusting and lots of work. Also, need a proper disposing area
  • Chickens – Look out for other critters that may want to feed on the chickens.

Easier Fixes

  • Laundry Line – Great way to dry clothes and conserve energy.
  • Diet – Changing diet by eating more green, is healthier.
  • Composting – Compost kits are very affordable and are not time consuming.
  • Recycling – Recycle materials through your local garbage collection company.

Again, check out the article for more information, here is the article in printer format for easier reading.

This article is a very good reference that someone has actually taken the time to document. Check it out and leave a comment as to what items struck you.

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