Today, people everywhere are moving their belongings, working around the clock to reinforce levees with the upcoming Missouri River Flooding eventually making a big impact on Iowa and Nebraska Communities.

Hamburg Iowa looks to be the first town that could be hit the hardest. Preparations are being made to reinforce levees.  “Swollen Missouri River threatening to bust levees, leave Iowa town under several feet of water” Please read this article! It will help you understand the type of work that is needed.

Also, have we learned anything from the broken levees from the Katrina Hurricane. Check out this video. Hopefully, ideas like this one are in discussion to help alleviate potential problems if levees do break.

According to an article on, levees can break for a number of reasons.  “The problems that plague levees are well-known and common: possible weaknesses from previous years’ high water, burrows from animals or a vein of fill material that’s vulnerable to erosion.”

The point here is that people everywhere are trying to build and strengthen current levees and hopefully we can learn from the past and we can build structures that can withstand pressure and we can repair levees to help prevent potential issues.



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