Toyota CorollaToyota has developed a deodorizer for swine manure compost, according to an article at, June 20, 2011.  Toyota Roof Garden Co., LTd a TMC, (Toyota Motor Corporation subsidiary) has manufactured and released a product to …breakdown ammonia as well as butryic acid, propionic and acid and other short-chain fatty acids that contribute to the offensive odor unique to swine manure.  in addition, the product helps break down organic materials  such as plant fibers that are slow to degrade, thus hastening the composting process.

Projected sales are for 3,000 bags to be sold in 2011 with targets to reach 50,000 bags by 2015.

I find it interesting that Toyota is active in business areas that contribute to environmental preservation.

More information can be found in the article, “Toyota Launches Swine Maure Compost Deoderizer” at

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