Wet Grain“The grain impacted by the 2011 flooding should be destroyed and not blended with uncontaminated grain”  Source  Wallace Farmer, June 25, 2011

Most of the grain that was stored prior to the floods had been moved, but what about the current grain in the field. “Iowa Secretary  of Agriculture Bill Northey, reminded farmers in a June 21 news release that grain impacted by flood waters whether in the field or in a bin, is considered adulterated and cannot be used for feed or food.  Source  Wallace Farmer, June 25, 2011

Removal of the adulterated grain is the next step. Wet grain contributes to  toxins and  and mold growth.  Also, “take care not to track or mix mud or gravel from flooded grounds into good grain during salvage operations.  Souirce Wallace Farmer, June 25, 2011

The article, “Can’t  Use Flood Damaged Grain for Food or Feed” – Wallace Farmer is a very good article on this subject. I think it is important that people know and understand the effect the 2011 Missouri River Flood is going to have on our grain supply.

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