Shake ShackSounds like an oxymoron!  It is true! I could not believe it myself.

Shake Shack – An east coast Hamburger Fast-Food Chain is quickly becoming a popular restaurant out east.

Check out this menu of all-natural ingredients from their website under the Food Category, Nutritional Information. Shake Shack

Shake Shack prides itself in sourcing premium ingredients.
We use 100% natural, vegetarian-fed and humanely raised
beef (with no hormones or antibiotics – EVER). Our frozen
custard is the real deal, made with milk from dairy farmers
who don’t use artificial growth hormones.

We serve sausages from Usinger’s (Milwaukee based
family-owned business), fairly traded coffee in our “Fair Shake,” all-natural Shake Shack Relish from Rick’s Picks (artisanal pickle company based in NYC), premium chocolates and fruit purees, and whole portabello mushrooms slowly roasted for our ‘ShroomBurger.

Other Neat Stuff

Shake Shack has an all-natural beer that is served at their locations.

They have over 25,000 Facebook Fans

A Gluten-Free Menu

Interview with CEO Danny Meyer

Also, an interview with the CEO Danny Meyer  (A must see video!) Mr. Meyer is so passionate about Shake Shack.  After watching this video, I may need to write a proposal to get a location in the midwest part of the country.


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