Your steering wheel is collecting more bacteria than a toilet seat! 

This statement was made after researchers at Queen Mary University, London discovered there are almost nine times as many bacteria on a steering wheel than a toilet seat.

Results of the study:

Steering Wheel – 700 bacteria per square inch

Toilet Seat –  80 bacteria per square inch

The study also reported that the trunk, with 1,000 bacteria per 1.5  inches is the dirtiest area of the vehicle.

It really points to the fact that we clean our bathrooms more than we clean the inside of our cars.

Add to this, the fact that a number of people eat in their cars and now you have people touching their steering wheels, handling food and putting it in their mouth.

Regular cleaning and disinfecting should be done to cut down on the number of bacteria breeding in our vehicles.  The best way to clean is with some type of disinfectant or soap or water. In addition, I personally keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with respect to making sure I kill the bacteria I come in contact with my hands.

Source ” Steering wheels may breed germs” – June 13, 2011