Mold in SchoolsThis subject really caught me by surprised and was a good wake-up call. This morning I was searching for an article on mold and put the word “mold” in the search bar and wanted to see the latest entries so I searched Google News for mold and could not believe that a majority of the entries that came back had to do with mold in classrooms.

Mold should be taken seriously and should be checked out. Good air quality should be a given for your children. I browsed through some of the stories and wanted to leave you with some tips. Here is one news story on how a group of parents are working with school officials to clean up a mold issue in portable classrooms.  Check out the video in this news story.


Here is another story regarding mold in a college residence hall.


College Mold Check

  • Inspect your college dorm room. Look for damp areas in the ceiling or along the wall. If some paint is chipping away, look behind it to see if there is any presence of mold.
  • Use your nose, if you enter a building and it has that damp, still smell, see if you notice the smell getting stonger in certain areas.
  • Inspect the bathroom. Look at the shower and toilet areas, if you see outward signs of mold report it.

School Classroom Mold Check

  • Look for signs of water penetration on the walls and ceilings.
  • If a room feels very humid, make sure adequate air is being circulated throughout the room.
  • Look for outward signs of mold being present in the classroom, hallways and bathrooms.
  • Really inspect mobile classrooms for mold.
  • Also, ask if any updates had been made to the HVAC system over the summer. Often times, systems are shut down for a period of time and mold can collect during this period.  Here is an article out of Austin Texas that had an issue with mold and HVAC maintenance.

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