Saint Lucia Day 3 (Feb 4, 2011)I came across this article in Consumer Reports, “Debate grows over arsenic in apple juice

The article talks about the growing risk or arsenic being present in apple juice.  “Several tests conducted by researchers at a university and at other labs have detected arsenic levels in various brands of apple juice that were from three to five times higher than the federal limit for this carcinogen in drinking water.”

In addition, two-thirds of all apple juice is imported from China.  This raises concerns of safety

“While arsenic-tainted soil in U.S. orchards is a likely source of contamination for apples grown here, the risk equation also has been changed by a major shift that has occurred over the past decade in how juice sold in America is produced. To make apple juice, manufacturers often blend water with apple juice concentrate obtained from multiple sources, and over the last decade, the concentrate they use increasingly comes from apples that are grown and processed in China.”

“Though there was no major juice industry to speak of in China until the late 1990s, China now has become the world’s major exporter of apple juice concentrate, with America as its largest customer. Imports from China now account for two-thirds of the U.S. apple juice supply. From 2000 through 2009, apple juice imports from China to the U.S. rose by 270,000 metric tons, while apple juice supplied by domestic sources dropped almost 100,000 metric tons, as did U.S. imports from Europe, Argentina and other foreign sources.”

Several National Producers and National Organizations are asking the U.S. FDA to step in with higher standards on imported apple juice. Arsenic is present in water and soil and at Midwest Laboratories we receive samples for analysis of arsenic and other heavy metals.  People should be aware this information and this site will follow this story for additional updates.

Check out this video and look at the news and media reaction to this story.  This story is similar to mercury in tuna. In each case, moderation is the key and more checks should be occurring to insure a safe food product.

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