Soil Testing at Midwest LaboratoriesSoil Testing season has begun and is going very strong this fall. Here are some helpful reminders to help your experience.

Make sure you order the proper supplies ahead of time: soil bags, boxes, shipping labels.

  • Soil bags are free to Midwest Laboratories Clients
  • Shipping labels can save you a lot of money. A 50 lb box will cost you between $8.10 to $8.25
  • Make sure you fill the soil to the line as indicated on the line. Do not overfill, otherwise some of the composite soil may not be tested.
  • Make sure to include paperwork with your samples. This really helps our receiving team handle your samples in an efficient manner and get them stickered and labeled for analysis.
  • Put a phone number on your paperwork in case some information is incomplete. Often times samples will sit in receiving until the client calls back looking for results.
  • If you have changes to make with respect to testing, please call a representative at Midwest Laboratories so the change can be entered in an efficient manner.
  • Sign-up for text message notification. You will receive a text message when your analysis is completed. It will help you save time checking your email or the website.

If you are thinking about trying Midwest Laboratories out for your soil testing needs, go to our eStore and we will send you some free soil bags.

If you live in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Illinois and Wisconsin and you would like courier service to your home or location for your samples, please call Brent @ 402-334-7770.  This is a great service, especially at this time of year.

If you have questions regarding your sample analysis, make sure you call and review your report information with a representative at Midwest Laboratories.