Midwest Laboratories Sample PaperworkEveryday, we receive thousands of samples and each day, we will receive samples with no paperwork. The paper may have name, address and phone, but no paperwork indicating what type of analysis to be performed.

Here is some advice for quicker turnaround time: (Required for Good Turnaround Time)

  • Make sure to include your paperwork with name and contact information: phone, email, address.
  • Indicate what tests you want to run.  Analysis is listed on the Midwest Labs site. If you are unsure, contact a representative at Midwest Laboratories. Each of our Client Services Managers receives calls throughout the day. It is their job!

For even better service and convenience to you. (Good Turnaround Time and Extra Benefits)

  • Set up an account at Midwest Laboratories – With an account, all contact information is stored in one place along with all of your analysis information.
    • This information can be viewed online 24×7 and reports emailed to you upon completion.
    • Also, some supplies are shipped free to you, like soil bags
    • Also, receive discounted shipping from UPS, FEDEX and Spee-Dee in some areas
  • Auto-submit paperwork and place a copy of the paper work with samples. This allows us to know that your samples will be arriving and we can get information processed much faster.

I wanted to take time and address these points, to show you how important sample receiving is in the processs of analyzing your sample. Any prep work that is done ahead of time will help guard the process from delays, wrong type of analysis performed and miscommunication.

Thanks for taking time to read this information and feel free to call or send us a question concerning our analysis.

Have a Great Weekend!