Greens and vegetables at Whole Foods Market, LondonThe recent trend regarding foodborne illnesses has been to turn to locally grown, organic foods.

The following article, Local, Organic Foods Not Always Safer looks at the issue and highlights some important information.  It’s main point is that food safety  really is in the hands of the company, grower and management team.  President Obama signed a bill earlier this year that exempts some small farms from formal food safety plans because of the expense  it would take to maintain a formal food safety plan.

It really comes down to having a food safety plan at all levels: farm land, harvesting, packaging and selling. Whether it is is mandated by the FDA or not should not matter. As more news is made about bacterial outbreaks and food recalls, all food producers both commercial and local should take it upon themselves to maintain the highest standards possible.

Check out the article and post your comments concerning this topic.

Picture | ciao_yvon