Arsenic in WaterI came across this article, Arsenic in Iowa’s water supplies and took a closer look at the numbers listed in the report. Here is a summary of some of the numbers that stood out for me. The article has more specifics with respect to locations and reports. Check out these numbers:

  • “Arsenic accounted for about 3% of the total drinking water  violations last year among the state’s 1,900 public systems”
  • “Five public water systems currently violate arsenic standards and 15 others have had violations over the past decade.
  • “Total coliform bacteria violations topped the list with nearly 60 percent violations” and
  • “Nitrate violations resulted in 8% of all violations”

Routine public water testing is important to insure quality and safety of drinking water for the public.  Identifying the issue is the first step. Applying a solution and rectifying the solution in a prompt, quick manner is the next step.

One area that is often overlooked are private wells. It is important for private well owners to routinely test their water and insure that it is safe. At Midwest Laboratories, we have worked with many clients to resolve issues where livestock may have gotten sick and died because of an issue related to the water.

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