Eco-Friendly ways to melt snowSnow and Ice are beginning to fall in this part of the country

Check out this article, “Ice Melters: Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Rock Salt” by Kristine Hansen, January 19, 2011

Here is a quick article summary:

Traditional Rock Salt is not environmentally friendly. It can corrode asphalt and cement and have an adverse impact on grass and plants.

Some eco-friendly alternatives are:

  • Cat Litter – Natural, made of recycled newspapers.
  • Sand – Used in moderation can help deter ice build-up
  • Other household items:  sawdust, shredded corn cobs, peanut hulls, straw and wood chips.

The article also suggests organic ice melters that are chloride free and if money is no object, you could install a heated driveway.

In any case, these are some items that could potentially save you some money and the environment.  Nice Article!

Picture – bcmom