Winter Soil SamplingThis winter has been quite an unusual one with above average temperatures and an extreme lack of snow.

Because of these unusual conditions, we are seeing an increase in orders for soil sampling supplies and soil analysis. Typically, soil sample volumes are at their lowest during the colder months, with samples only being received from warmer areas in the country. This year it has not been unusual to receive 1,000 to over 4,000 soils a day.

There are some items to remember with respect to winter sampling and it is a good idea to review the “Pros and Cons on Winter Soil Sampling” document found on the Midwest Laboratories Website.

The main takeaway here is that the conditions for soil sampling are really ideal. The ground for the most part is lightly frozen which means it is easier to get into fields and conduct the sampling. The timing could not be better because growers will have a current picture of their soils nutrient values and proper planning can occur for spring fertilizer application and planting.

If you need soil sampling supplies or have question regarding soil sampling, please call a member of our soil client services team.

Picture via Dendrocia cerulea