Earthworm in MudSometimes this little slimy critter is taken for granted. Often times we see them during heavy rains or when we are digging up our soil to plant a tree or our garden.

Maybe we should we respect these critters a little more and applaud them for the work that they do.

  • They areate our soil
  • They allow oxygen to penetrate deeper into the soil, which helps iprove soil bacteria to our plants
  • They ingest soil and organic matter and produce castings, (worm poop)
  • They help with composting natural resources like food and paper into valuable  nutrients.

Source:  Why we should love earthworms – by Amanda Sears

This article also points out some interesting facts that I was not aware of:

  • Under favorable conditions, one acre of land can contain more than a million earthworms.
  • There are 2,700 species of eathworms
  • The largest earthworm on record was found in South Africa and it was 22 feet long.

Just a few notes on earthworms for today!

Picture via squeezyboy