Killing Crabgrass among the daylily borderThinking about controlling crabgrass organically.

Check out this Video:  How to Control Crabgrass Organically

Here are some steps that the video points out:

  1. Keep lawn 3 inches high when mowing. Crabgrass grows better in areas where the lawn is thin and low.
  2. Pull crab grass by hand to get rid of current weeds
  3. Spread mulch over the spot where cab grass has been pulled to prevent further seedlings from growing.
  4. Use organic products that contain soybean oil and vinegar to help eliminate future crabgrass.
  5. Water deeply and less frequently. Crabgrass grows best in conditions where moisture is consistently present.

Do you have any other tips to help control crabgrass organically? Please share.

Picture via myplante