Community gardensCommunity Gardens are really becoming the norm in many areas and cities across our country. It really is exciting to see how these projects come together and involve kids, adults and local organizations.

Check out this story from Benton County, Indiana. It really shows how community gardens in one area are helping to bring people together..

As groups look at developing areas for potential gardens, there are some items to consider:

  • Have the soil tested by a laboratory. Midwest Laboratories offers a lawn/garden analysis with recommendations regarding the particular produce being harvested.
  • If the area is in close to local industry, consider testing the soil for lead. Over time, the soil may have absorbed lead from paint in the 70’s or as a result of pollution over time.
  • Check out a schedule for best times to plant vegetables in your area. The Farmers Almanac is a great resource for this type of information.
  • Check the soil temperatures manually or refer to the online soil temperature map to see when the ground is best suited for planting. (Temps are much higher in 2012 because of the mild winter)
  • Make sure when you plant to keep your garden watered on a regular basis. (Testing the water may also be a good idea)
  • Have Fun and make it a great experience!

If you have questions regarding your community garden, feel free to contact one of our on-staff agronomists at Midwest Laboratories  402-334-7770

Picture via Saquella manera