Compost TroubleshootingAre you trying to start a compost process at your home and running into some issues. I saw this article, “Troubleshooting your compost” and wish an article like this would have been around when I had issues getting started with ta compost bin.

Your Compost is Taking Too Long

Compost needs to reach temperatures around 150 degrees for decomposition to occur at an effective rate.  Make syour pile is big enough – (3ft x 3 ft) to ensure there is enough material to trap the heat being given off during decomposition. At the same time, you should break up the materials being composted in these piles to help speed up the process.

Your Compost Smell Bad

Try  mixing carbon-rich brown materials like paper, sawdust of coffee grounds to help absorb the excess moisture and help minimize the concentration of green material. In addition, you might want to aerate your pile to help bring in more oxidation for proper composting.

Your Compost attracts Pests

Make sure to put some type of covering on the decaying food which can attract pests and look at securing your compost pile with a lid.

I would invite you to read the entire article  “Troubleshooting your compost” . It looks at these issues in more detail.

Another good  article,  “Tips for Home Composting has some other good tips” lists several issues that may/may not be affecting you. Check it out!

 Picture via MJMonty