Warm Spring 2012The unusual weather is affecting us in a number of ways:

  • Pollen levels are high, especially in the south
  • Farmers in parts of the country are planting corn early.
  • Homeowners have already started mowing and turning on their sprinklers.
  • Weeds are already popping up in yards.
  • More insects and bugs can be seen

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Earlier this month I kept waiting for the temperatures to drop, this week the temperatures are remaining steady with highs in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s. I have started watering my existing plants and yard and I remain cautiously optimistic that temperatures will stay above freezing for the next few weeks. If a frost does occur in the next 30 days, it could have devastating  results. I also would recommend applying some compost or potting soil around the stem of your plants to help insulate the ground temperature and moisture. It may not be a bad time to add some water. With the warm temperatures and low precipitation this winter and spring, we could be looking at drought-like conditions.

For now, I am going to accept that the weather is about five weeks early for this type of weather and enjoy these warm conditions. I will also keep my eye out for any temperature fluctuations both high or low.

How are you dealing with the  warmer than normal spring temperatures?  Do you have any concerns?

Picture via prkos