toilet paper testingIf you are like me, I like to check-in on Consumer Reports and read some reviews of products and services.

It really is all about adding value through testing.

In this report check out the strength, sensory/softness, proper tearing along perforation and disintegration.


Some company view thoughts:

Through this testing, these companies will know how to better market their strengths to consumers. It also gives them information that they can take back to their product designers to help improve their product. It can also help them get in line with their costs and determine if features like 2-ply are necessary or too costly.

From the consumer point of view:

This study allows the consumer to be more educated when making a decision to buy and helps him/her evaluate the products features with respect to price.  A more educated consumer, helps make the decision easier for the consumer. In addition, by being more educated, he or she may become an advocate for a particular product based on a key differentiator.

 Picture via by SCA