Clean Envrionement CompanyI came across this article in today’s Omaha World-Herald, “A Natural Leader in Cleaners” This is a must-read about a company that has successfully produed “green cleaning products”  for a number of years.

It is a great story about a company with only four employees that makes natrual cleaning products that are used across the country. The Cleaning Company has been serving the Omaha Community since 2004.  It currently has its products in 58 national parks. Their main clientele, 90-90% are janitors and roughly 10-20% are government and national parks.

I checked out their company website, and was impressed with the amount of detail regarding each product. Each product has it’s own Product Information Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet which outline the ingredients and potential hazards associated with its product. A very informative site.

Check out the article and the company web page.  A great story to start your week!

Picture via SLR Jester