GrassStarting the beginning of 2012,  the Michigan Fertilizer Law restricts the use of  phosphorus fertilizer on residence and commercial lawns including baseball fields and golf courses.

Protecting Water Quality – Phosphorus is a naturally occurring essential
nutrient for plant and animal growth. It is also
a primary water quality concern in Michigan.
When excess phosphorus is applied on land, it
may run into nearby lakes, rivers and streams.
This runoff can lead to increased algae and
aquatic plant growth which can have negative
effects on water quality, fisheries, recreation,
and property values. By restricting unnecessary
phosphorus applications, the phosphorus law
will help maintain and protect Michigan’s vast
water resources. Source Michigan Fertilizer Plan

I believe we will see more states looking to pass “environmental friendly” products to help insure the safety of our water resources.

Also, consider purchasing a lawn and garden soil test to understand your current soil makeup and see what nutrients you need to add back to the soil

Picture via vitoriapeckham