the gutter overflowsToday, I wanted to take a closer look at this topic. What is involved with recycling rain water? I came across the following video from the site and I think the 2 minute plus video does a great job of explaining what is involved. Wait till you see how the water is stored.

I was surprised by the cost too. $5000.00 does not seem too bad to me. Also, would you think about using rain water to wash your clothes? After watching the process of how the water is collected and purified, I feel much better about the process.

Sometimes it is good to take a couple of minutes and learn more about a new process like recycling rain water. It really helps to put some perspective on things. I was also surprised to hear that a permit is needed for this process and that this process is not approved by every state. Very interesting.

Enough background information, Watch the video!

Picture via waterboard