I came across this article, “100 degrees in July and drought?” last night and it really hit me that this summer has already stated out to be be unusual with respect to humidity. Normal summers usually mean warmer temperatures and a lot more hhumidity. This year hais been a different story so far.

I have noticed that my own garden and yard are particularly dry. In any case it really comes down to watering. Ensuring that we have enough water in the soil is the key. Watering for a longer time on fewer days of the week is really the best approach if you have the means to do it. (Sprinkler system).

In the fields this is another story. This summer we are seeing more growers sending in plant and tissue samples and I really believe it is because of the drier conditions. I think by closely monitoring these two areas, growers will have a better idea of how their crops will be able to withstand the rising temps and drier conditions. Obviously, the amount of rain received cannot be gauged, but by careful watching and monitoring, growers can add more information to their current soil history.

What types of steps are you taking with respect to a possible drought?