Have you been to a Farmers Market lately? In the Omaha/Linconln area there are several venues to choose from. Each year these venues become more popular and it is a great way to check out some of the local produce in your area and actually save some money in the process.  My family and I  enjoy checking out the wide variety of fresh foods from fruits and vegetables to bread and burritos.

Check out the following video and decide for yourself.

One question, I always get from my friends is “Is the food really safe?”

Here are some items I look for:

  • Make sure the produce is off the ground and there is an overhang that is protecting the food from direct sunlight.
  • Make sure hand sanitizer and soap are visible.
  • Does the vendor provide clean bags when items are purchased
  • Is the produced washed
  • Does the vendor constantly insure their are is clean?

I really believe the vendors really care about their products and are showcasing and displaying their items to sell. It is a great experience to take in and it helps you focus on some great, healthy items to get your day/week started.


Picture Source: 365project.org via Brent on Pinterest