Farmers' MarketI could not agree more with articles like the following one, “Agriculture Department reports US farmers markets surge under demand for local produce”. Farmers Markets are wonderful places to pick up fresh produce and in most cases, at lower prices than normal grocery produce.

For our family, it is a great alternative on Saturdays or Sundays.  It is a new family tradition. You can go pick out fresh produce, learn where your food came from and also gain a piece of history in the process. It is a great way to connect with people, great food, healthy food and affordable food.

More and more people are learning about these benefits and they are embracing the experience too.

For me it’s not about any type of agenda about eating organic, pesticide free, anti-food procution or gmo. For me, it is all about the experience. Why wouldn’t you go to your local market to find bargains on certain produce and select food items that are produced without all the overhead of transporting.

Check out a farmers market in your area or check out the following site for a farmers market in your area of the country.

Picture via NatalieMaynor