green grass

The drought is really causing a number of lawn owners to rethink the way they water and fertilize their lawn most people have cut back in both cases. In my case, I tend to water more when the temperature drops from the 100’s to the 80’s and longer. See an earlier watering lawn post for more information.

At Midwest Laboratories I  have received a number of phone calls from organic lawn service companies who are looking at soil testing results and trying to match those nutrient deficiencies with natural products. This option is still popular and really addresses the issue of restoring nutrients.

Now there is another option

Have you ever thought of spray painting your lawn? That is what some services are offering because the drought has really prevented many homeowners from applying typical fertilizer products.  Check out this news story and see the process in action.

This service is offered by Low Cost Lawns – Omaha, Nebraska

Long Lasting, Eco-Friendly Turf Grass Painting (Source Website

  • Restores the natural radiance to any discolored, dormant or damaged turf grass
  • Permanent pigment contains NO heavy metals, NO hazardous materials, NO harmful inert matter
  • Tolerates & resists color fading
  • Non-Phytotoxicity i.e: NO toxic effect on the plant
  • Lasts up to 6 months on dormant turfgrass
  • Will not wash away

Some alternative approaches to keeping your yard green in the midst of a drought.

I know there are other recipes for green lawns out there. If you use a particular approach that has helped you with your lawn, please share.

photo credit: NJ.. via photo pin cc