bottled waterHave you really checked out a bottled water label lately?

I drink a lot of bottled water when I work out and when I am working outside of the house.

Check out this news story from CNN. I was initially shocked. I thought some of the name-brand water actually came from spring water sources.  It really pays to look closely at the label.   P.W.S stands for Public Water System.

So today  I looked closer at the bottled water that I drink. Right there on the label in plain site.

Source: Public Water Supply Denver,  CO

I took a closer look at the label and saw another statement

Purified Water -Enhanced with minerals for taste

I went to the company water website and found a water analysis report.(page 4)

The report listed the following minerals: calcium, sodium, potassium, fluoride, magnesium, bicarbonate, nitrate, chloride, copper, pH, sulfate, total dissolved solids.

In addition the report listed arsenic and lead but the levels were reported as non-detectable because the values were so low.

I still wanted to learn more about the process so I dug deeper and found a 14 step quality process map,  (page 7-8) explaining each step in the quality process. After looking at the process more closely and understanding the makeup of the water, I became more comfortable with the whole process of refining public drinking water into bottled water.

It does pay to look at the label and question where your water actually comes from. It may also help you decide if you should pay more for a   water from a public water system or a natural spring water resource.