august grass

In the Midwest, it appears the extreme heat has taken a bit of a break. We are still not receiving the rain like we need but the lower temperatures are helping to keep things not nearly as dry as they were during the month of July.

I came across this article, “Dealing with post-drought lawns” – This article was written mainly for people in Wisconsin but it makes some good points that you can apply.

Here are my suggestions for your lawn.


If you haven’t don this already, raise your blade or make sure you are not cutting your lawn too short. By keeping your lawn just a little taller, it will help the grass deal with the high temperatures. In addition, it will give weeds less free soil to work with.

 Water your lawn fewer days and water for longer periods of time. Make sure you get the water to the roots of your lawn to keep your lawn alive.

Fight the weed battle. Try to stay ahead of the weeds in your lawn.

Consider getting a soil test to see what soil nutrients you may have lost this summer and to help you with your fertilizer application in September.


Early September, consider reseeding your lawn or replacing your brown spots with sod

Apply some fertilizer product: (organinc/nonorganic to add some nitrogen and other elements which you may have lost)

Consider aerating. Aerating will help you get moisture back into the areas of your lawn.

Continue to water periodically. It appears that some areas are not going to receive any rain anytime soon.

These are just a few items you should start thinking about. If you start planning now, it will help you manage your time better between your lawn and watching football.

photo credit: Jason A. Samfield via photo pin cc