Hotel Room GermsCheck out this story!

If you pay more, does this guarantee your room is germ free.

The story gives an interesting look at a number of items you may or may not have thought of with respect to germ counts.

Here were some of the findings that really surprised me:

  • The room service menu had some of the most germs at 5 Star Hotels.
  • The ice bucket is also a huge culprit.
  • The hair dryer also had a large number of germ counts.

The hair dryer really surprised me. This list should also serve as a reminder to make sure we are keeping our own homes and apartments cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. When was the last time you sanitized your hair dryer.

Midwest Laboratories performs swabbing for germ tests for a number of companies for different reasons. If you would like more information contact a representative today.

photo credit: oliver hiltbrunner via photo pin cc