Proposition 37This topic is really getting a lot of press. I came across the topic in my local Omaha Paper today, “Battle over food labeling plays out in California”

All eyes are on California as this topic gains national attention.

Here are some things to think about with respect to this topic.

Fifty countries require labeling of genetically modified foods, including China and all of Europe. U.S. companies that sell in Europe change the formulations of their products that have genetically modified ingredients rather than label them, according to Rodemeyer.

The Legislative Analyst’s Office estimated that implementing Proposition 37 could cost taxpayers $1 million annually.

For 22 years the Food and Drug Administration has held that genetically engineered food is safe, according to Michael Rodemeyer, a lecturer at the University of Virginia School of Engineering and the former director of the Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology.

Opponents insist that requiring such labels would place an undue burden on food manufacturers and would cost consumers more at the checkout lane.

So far, (As of August 28, 2012)  Proposition 37 opponents have spent nearly $25 million in an attempt to defeat the initiative.


I think the one issue that is missing from the points made above and the videos below is the following, “Do people really know if food containing GMO’s is unhealthy or creates any health issues? I have not found evidence of such claims.  I really view this proposition as being a major regulation for the food industry. As a result, our food prices will go up as a result of a legislation like this. I understand that people, like myself want to know what type of food ingredients we are consuming, but does labeling a prodcut GMO or Non-GMO really make the food safer? Would it affect the way I purchase food items.  These are the type of questions I think that need to be addressed more and communicated more as we get closer to the election.  What are your thoughts?


Check out this video supporting Proposition 37

Check out this video which is promoting a “No” vote for Proposition 37

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