soil testing

Growers are looking at a number of options with respect to their current land and soil nutrition.

Here are some items I am looking at.

Cover Crops – Check out this article, “Cover Crop: What the doctor ordered after a drought

Organic Matter and Tilling – Check out this article, “Drought unmasks soil-type impact

Applying compost – Check out this article “Compost offers range of soil benefits

Then, I came across this article, “Soil Sampling Suggestions” from Calcium Products

I believe this company is correct, when it tells its clients to start with a soil test.

Soil Testing and the Drought

I am not sure what growers are thinking with respect to their soil fertility. I wish I could tell them when they would receive their next major rain. I really believe we are in a holding pattern and the best way to know what your soil looks like at the present time is to have it sampled and tested.  As a farm owner, I too am concerned about the state of my soil. I want to know how much nutrients are available.

Right now, people are ordering their soil sampling supplies and we have not seen any type of drop off in orders. It is really important to understand the current makeup of your soil before any additional work is done in your field after harvesting. If you need a little refresher course in soil sampling, check out this video from the AgPhd Television Show. It gives a really good understanding of the process.


photo credit: djwtwo via photo pin cc