Shipping Supplies at Midwest LabsI wanted to give you a picture of the type of supplies that are sent out from Midwest Laboratories Shipping Location.

Take a look at the picture on the right. Let me explain some of the items in the picture.

  • Soil probes in long cardboard boxes.
  • Styrofoam coolers with containers for environmental samples and manure samples
  • Flat boxes on the shelf represent boxes sent out to soil samplers who use these boxes to ship soil samples.
  • Cardboard boxes on the bottom shelves hold 1,000 soil bags for soil samplers

This is a typical fall day in September and supplies are going out in large numbers.   Orders for supplies arrive in the shipping department every hour.

If you need sampling supplies, contact a representative at Midwest Laboratories and place your order. With your account, you can also order your supplies online for your convenience.

Having the right supplies on hand is a big part of collecting samples. At Midwest Laboratories, we recognize this client need and try to work with clients to insure that they have the right supplies on hand.

If you have questions regarding sampling supplies, contact a representative at Midwest Laboratories.