Bacon Shortage in 2013It appears that bacon may be in short supply in 2013 according to the national media. Pork farmers are losing $40.00 per head.

With rising feed prices and pork farmers taking big losses as a result, look for prices to go up with smaller inventories. Check out more in this news story below.

This morning, September 27, 2012 – New report indicates this may not be the case.

Headlines have forecast a bacon shortage, but according to the latest USDA statistics that is not in the cards.  Pork producers, through the height of the drought, did not reduce the sow herd indicating they are planning to increase production in 2013, when there is hope for lower feed prices.  Currently US consumers may feel a shortage of pork, but that is caused by international demand, not by the drought. Source: (Stu Ellis Farmgate Blog: Sow Slaughter Does Not Support Rumors Of A Bacon Shortage, September 27th 2012 )

It is always good to keep informed on issues like this one and understand all of the facts.