November Lawn TipRight now is a great time to seed your lawn. There is a great article on the University of Minnesota Extension Site, “Dormant Seeding Lawns: Last chore of the season?” This article goes into great detail about some ways to insure a productive lawn by next spring.

As for myself, this is the time of year when I want to focus on a few areas of concern. The drought left me with a few areas where my lawn did not come back because of the intense heat and lack of moisture. I really want to focus on these areas.

In addition, I like to add additional seed in areas that receive the most sunlight during the day. These area are very stressed and have responded very well to the additional seeding in November.

I really appreciate the last paragraph in the article. Patience is a virtue and we could use a little more snow this year in this part of the country, (Nebraska)

The degree of success from your dormant seeding efforts will depend on the overwintering conditions afforded to the newly seeded areas. In most cases, the seed is best protected when we receive snowfall(s) that will cover and protect those areas during fluctuating weather conditions often experienced during a Minnesota winter. Even with good preparation, it may still be necessary to do some overseeding in the spring in those areas where little grass emerges. If the newly seeded areas appear to be a little thin, you shouldn’t necessarily feel your fall efforts were a failure, as it is quite common to have to do a little additional reseeding in the spring. However, do allow enough time for the seeds to come up the following spring. Don’t be too hasty to get in and start tearing things up; you just may be destroying all of the good work done the previous fall.  Source:  Dormant Seeding Lawns: Last chore of the season?

photo credit: mtsofan via photopin cc