Winter StormI know some parts of the country have already received large amounts of snow this winter.

Today is the day of the first major winter storm for this area of the country.


However, it is always amazing to me how the talk of a storm coming creates so much hype. You could see it last night at the local grocery store where people are loading up as if places will be closed for days.

Even before the first flake can be seen, companies and organizations are cancelling scheduled meetings in anticipation of the storm.

The predictions of accumulation have ranged from a few inches to up to 10 inches in some reports.

It’s that time of the year when all of us act like kids waiting in anticipation for the big event.  It is a fun time of the year.

So, today the snow is supposed to start this afternoon and continue overnight. The anticipation begins and the expectations are all over the board. People are asking each other if they are prepared for the upcoming event and people will stay close to the radio and internet for the latest reports.  There is nothing quite like following the first major snow storm of the winter.