Each winter I take my car in and wash that white glaze of salt off of the car.  Check out this list of items to deal with road salt and your car from NTB to consider when dealing with Road Salt and your Car. Here is a quick summary:

Plan Ahead

  1. Give your car a good scrubbing
  2. Inspect your car for cracks or chips in paint
  3. Add a winter wax for added protection.

Winter Wheel Care

If you have chrome wheels, consider swapping them for a durable alloy or steel set in the winter.

Garage Melt

Watch for that snow on your car that you bring into a warm garage. Salt and warmer temperatures speed up the corrosive process. Also, consider washing your car more often to get that salt off of your car.

When to Wash

  1. Wash every 7 – 10 days
  2. Make sure car wash uses fresh water and not recycled. You could be getting someone else’s salty water.
  3. If your car is black, white or red, you may want to get another wax  mid-winter since these colors are more sensitive to UV rays and acid rain.

Wash underneath your car – Source:  Winter Road Salt Poses Hidden Dangers for Cars

  • Make sure the lines under your car are clear of salt.
  • Make sure car wash cleans underneath your car.

Some good tips for dealing with road salt and your car.