Young FarmersHave you seen this video? (It was released February 27, 2013)

#FARMVOICES  – It’s Our Turn

It’s a video for everyone!

Watch it now, before reading any further.

There are so many misconceptions regarding farming.A number of people have no idea that farmers feed our world. Farming is not an 8 to 5 job. Farming requires hard, physical work. Farming is growing faster in the application of technology than a lot of other industries.

The real neat part about this movement is that farmers are connecting with other farmers. Too often, it is easy to go about our jobs and focus only on ourselves. The  movement is emphasizing collaboration and a new culture of sharing thoughts together. The site is very cool and it only takes a few seconds to become a member.  Check it out!

Farming is one of the greatest family businesses out there. It is not easy to break into if you are a young farmer just starting out. We need to encourage more farming and look for ways to feed more people as our population continues to grow. I would encourage you to check out the site and even if you are not a farmer, start learning more about this industry and develop a better appreciation for where your food comes from.

Start sharing your story and use the hashtag #FarmVoices when communicating on social media sites.

photo credit: innpictime via photopin cc