Chromium toenailsI came across this article, “Have to Give Toenails for Toxin Testing” and had to read on.

In Garfield, New Jersery, it seems that hexavalent chromium a carcinogen has infiltrated the neighborhoods of this suburban town. The EPA is prepared to start drilling in this area to determine how much chromium is hidden beneath the soil.

In the meantime, scientists from New York will collecting toenail clippings from residents of Garfield. The nails will be tested for traces of chromium.”n order to be tested, subjects must be between 18 and 65, have lived in Garfield for at least two years, not take chromium supplements, and not smoke.”

This story is getting national attention.

When stories like this appear in the news, it is always a good idea to learn more about the affects of these carcinogens and make a mental note of where the source may be coming from and where it might be found.

At Midwest Laboratories we work with contaminated sites and help parties involved identify the levels and determine how widespread the area is with respect to the contamination. Check out the following news story for more information on this story and be aware of the facts.

Hexavalent chromium contamination is not a new story. There other locations in the United States that are dealing with this issue.  Check out more in the referenced Wikipedia entry, Hexavalent chromium.


photo credit: Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection via photopin cc