Benefits of ManureI came across this article, “Apply Manure to Get Best Benefit of Available Nitrogen for Corn”  – April 9, 2013 in  Corn & Soybean Digest. A very good article that talks about the benefits of manure. Two paragraphs in particular caught my attention.

The N content of livestock manure can be determined by submitting a sample for testing. Testing revealed the swine manure source for this research plot contained approximately 38 lbs. of available N/1,000 gal.   The dairy manure source contained approximately 10 lbs. available N/1,000 gal.

Dry weather in June and early July of 2011 severely reduced corn yields on the 28% UAN sidedress plots. The liquid added by the swine and dairy manure likely helped the early growth of the corn. The manure moisture also appeared to improved control of knotweed at the site, which may have reduced weed pressure.

Not only is Nitrogen being added to the soil. It is a good idea to send a sample in ofr testing because the amount of nitrogen can vary quite a bit from source to source.  In addition, manure contains moisture which could help fields still recovering from the recent drought in 2012.

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photo credit: ktylerconk via photopin cc